\\|kästə, |kästō+\ adjective
Etymology: cost- + central
: relating to or joining a rib and a vertebral centrum

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  • costocentral — SYN: costovertebral. * * * cos·to·cen·tral .käs tə sen trəl, tō adj relating to or joining a rib and a vertebral centrum <costocentral articulations> * * * cos·to·cen·tral (kos″to senґtrəl) pertaining to a rib and the centrum… …   Medical dictionary

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  • costovertebral — Relating to the ribs and the bodies of the thoracic vertebrae with which they articulate. SYN: costocentral, vertebrocostal (1). * * * cos·to·ver·te·bral (.)vər tē brəlalso vərt ə adj of or relating to a rib and its adjoining vertebra… …   Medical dictionary

  • articulatio capitis costae — [TA] joint of head of rib: the junction of the head of the rib with the bodies of two vertebrae, one of the two types of joints between ribs and vertebrae. Called also capitular or costocentral joint. Cf. a. costotransversaria …   Medical dictionary

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